Takaro AFC aims to deliver an enjoyable and excellent football experience for all players, coaches, and supporters.


According to the most recent global census undertaken by FIFA, an estimated 265 million people play football, thus cementing its place atop the list of the world’s most popular sports.

Come along. Join that number!


The role of a COACH is varied but super important for the success of teams. Takaro AFC has been privileged to have dedicated people fulfilling coaching roles of our teams.

If you are keen to coach, either Juniors or Seniors, contact us.


An important goal for all players is to become better footballers.Attending regular training sessions will help us all become proficient players.


Sportsmanship is a vital component in 'the beautiful game' and is encouraged at all levels of Takaro AFC. Winning is a goal but not at all costs.Sportsmanship is key.


Football is a team sport. Therefore, it is vital that players knit in to their teams.

TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More!


Fans and supporters are an important part of a team's success and a player's success.Takaro AFC encourages respectful supporting of players and teams.​​​​​​​


Takaro AFC started in 1972. We have had countless members throughout that time. Young. Old. Male. Female. Skilled. Developing.Everyone is welcome. Join us today.


In this day and age, it is difficult for a football club to survive without the financial support of organisations, businesses, and community groups. This money helps to lower the cost of playing as well as provide teams with equipment.

Contact us if you want to support Takaro AFC.



Takaro AFC provides a range of football opportunities


Takaro AFC follows NZ Football’s Whole Of Football programme, starting at the youngest players and going through to the older and most experienced.

This starts with First Kicks (3-6 years), followed by Fun Football (7-8 years), and on to Mini Football (9-12 years).  After this Youth Football (13-18 years) begins, where some players play for their Secondary School while others play for their club.  Senior football is for everyone who is aged 16 years and older.


SENIOR football follows on from Junior and Youth football.

Takaro AFC offers a range of teams for players who want to play competitive football against the best Manawatu has to offer through to players who simply want a social kick-around.

We have a long and proud history of Senior football in the Manawatu.  If you are keen to play, we will have a place for you.

Contact our Senior Club Captain if you want more information about joining a Senior team.


COACHES are a vital part of making football a success.  We need quality coaches at all levels of the game.

Junior football coaches do not need to be experienced or knowledgeable as NZ Football has a fantastic programme that you can slip into.

Senior football coaches play a vital role in the success of our player development and team results.


REFEREES play an important role in football.  Whether the match be Juniors, Youth, or Seniors, referees are required to provide fair and safe footballing for all players.

Community Based Referees play a vital role in bridging the gap for leagues where not enough referees are available.  CBRs are often players or supporters who step up and referee matches when available and/or required.

Keen to develop your knowledge of football and to referee when required?  Contact our Referee Officer for more information.