FIRST KICKS information

All you need to know about TAKARO AFC's First Kicks programme

When do we train/play?

Saturday mornings from 10:30am-11:30am in the centre of Monrad Park (Highbury Avenue).

The programme on a typical Saturday is:

  • 10 mins – Meet in the centre of Monrad Park and warm-up
  • 40 mins – Training (following the designated skills-based activities)
  • 15 mins – Small-sided game followed by awards and notices

How does it work?

The coach is responsible for running a grid of 8-10 players. Each coach will be supplied with the training exercises to develop players skills. Depending on player numbers, 3 or 4 drills will be run each week along with a small-sided game. Parents will be encouraged to support their child during these exercises in a positive manner.

Why are we doing this?

All clubs affiliated to NZF are expected to adopt this (and other) programmes aimed at developing the best possible football players, as well as developing higher participation in the sport.  Takaro AFC is committed to following this programme (along with the other junior football clubs in the Manawatu).

How to be an effective Game Leader

McDonald’s First Kicks players are likely to be participating in organised football for the very first time, and they need to enjoy the experience if they are to fall in love with the game. For the McDonald’s First Kicks Game Leader, this means having a good understanding of the needs of young children who are just entering the game.

Want to learn more?

NZ Football’s website –

FIRST KICKS is a New Zealand Football mandated programme that is part of the evolution of football in New Zealand.  It is a programme that is part of the ‘Whole of Football Plan’ (WOFP) specific to 4 and 5 year olds.

The focus of First Kicks is General Movement (25%), Football Coordination(25%), Football Technique(25%), and Small-Sided Games(25%).  The aim is to introduce young players to the basics of football through pre-prepared activities.

NZ Football’s WOFP encompasses the entire junior and senior spectrum of football in New Zealand.

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