Takaro AFC aims to deliver an enjoyable and excellent football experience for all players, coaches, and supporters.​​​​​​​


An important goal for all players is to become better footballers. Proficient footballers.


According to the most recent global census undertaken by FIFA, an estimated 265 million people play football, thus cementing its place atop the list of the world’s most popular sports. Come along. Join that number!


All players want to enjoy their footballing experience. While there is a more serious side to playing football, FUN has to be a major factor.


Sportsmanship is a vital component in 'the beautiful game' and is encouraged at all levels of Takaro AFC. Winning is a goal but not at all costs. Maintaining sportsmanship is key.


Football is a team sport. Therefore, it is vital that players knit in to their teams. TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More!


Fans and supporters are an important part of a team's success and a player's success. Takaro AFC encourages respectful supporting of players and teams.


Takaro AFC provides football opportunities for Seniors (adults) and for Juniors (children).​​​​​​​


FIRST KICKS is where football begins.  Specifically designed for young players (aged 4-6 years old), FIRST KICKS starts the footballing journey and is a player’s first introduction to football – developing physical skills through a safe, fun, and rewarding environment.

Games are 3v3 and 4v4 – all without goalkeepers – and are short, fun opportunities for players to develop their skills.


Specifically designed for children aged 7-8 years old, FUN FOOTBALL takes over where FIRST KICKS leaves off.  It introduces players to the concept of teamwork and working together.

Games are 4v4 and 5v5 – without goalkeepers – and seek to provide players with opportunities to further develop their skills while introducing the concept of teamwork.


MINI FOOTBALL develops the football-specific movements and technical capabilities to support effective lifelong participation in football.

Designed for players aged 9-12 years old, game are 5v5, 7v7, and 9v9 in an effort to provide players with more ‘touches’ of the football.


Each year, Takaro AFC hosts a tournament for teams registered in the Manawatu 12th Grade competition.

This is a fantastic day of football that brings clubs and teams together for fun and competition.  Teams are split into Pools to determine the teams that play for the Cup and teams that play for the Plate.

This tournament takes place on the Sunday of the first weekend of the Junior season.